30 Days of Marvel

Day #3: Your favorite Diva

Emma Frost

This was pretty easy to choose, though Marvel has a great cast of divas, Spiderwoman, and Psylocke being two of my favorite characters in the entire Marvel Universe, but as for the best diva of them all, it’s without a doubt, Emma Frost, the White Queen.

She’s so aptly named, despite having left the Hellfire Club to join the X-men. The bitch is cold, cunning, and ruthless, and will leave you reliving your worst memories for the rest of your life with no second-thoughts. She’s a complex figure, who’s diamond-hard personality and powers mask a vulnerability and a need to prevent the genocide that happened to Magneto’s island of Genosha from repeating itself with the fragmented mutant race. 

Due to her former allegiances, very few trust her, and she’s okay with that, as she doesn’t even trust herself. Even in her relationship with Cyclops there are insecurities, constantly living in the shadows of Jean Grey’s ghost, while dealing with rumors that fly around the Xavier Academy that she is using her psychic powers to control his every move.

That’s possibly my favorite thing about this character, she has class and power, and is unafraid to use it, but she’s never as put-together as she comes across. Like most of us, she’s just a breath away from having her shield come collapsing around her.

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